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What Sets Us Apart From Any Other Nail Salon !

Bahia Beauty Bar Salon is proud to have passionate and diverse expert technicians always ready to provide you with memorable, unique and safe experiences. Thank you for choosing us for your beauty care!

At Bahia Beauty Bar Salon you will experience the difference. We use innovative technologies, vegan, cruelty-free, organic and halal products to deliver the highest quality and safest services at an affordable price.

Your safety is our priority! While other salons use a magnetic reusable jet in their pedicure chair, Bahia Beauty Bar Salon uses the world's only disposable pedicure jet from the USA. We are currently the first and only nail salon in the United Arab Emirates to use this next-generation pedicure chair. This design helps prevent the spread of infectious diseases and cross contamination between clients. The single use pedicure jetliner contains two jet tubes to provide a relaxing foot massage without reusing products between clients. Every service begins with a NEW Disposable Jet Liner and you will never have to share your pedicure service with anyone ever again. Our pedicure chairs are the first and ONLY pedicure chairs to be endorsed by the renowned International Pedicure Association.

In keeping with our commitment to cleanliness, safety, and hygiene, we sterilize and sanitize our equipment before all services and treatments. Medical-grade quality sterilizers are used for sterilizing metal components to kill microorganisms.

Each client will receive a single use kit including file, buffer, and pumice to make your manicure and pedicure safe and clean.

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